Sunday, 3 May 2015

Tadpole Snacks - 03/5/2015

I was out watching the tadpoles in the pond earlier today when I spotted one of the newts just peeking out of the water right next to them.  I quickly took a photo and seconds later I watched it take a tadpole and disappear under the water.

Luckily the tadpoles are still in abundance.

They're doing a great job
of clearing up the water.

It won't be long before the tadpoles
start developing into froglets.

The Water Mint is doing well:

Some views of the pond:

I like the view below which was taken from near the house. What I especially like is the way the pond isn't imediately obvious and how it blends into it's surroundings. That's the way I intended it to be when I installed it back in 2012.


  1. Lovely to see you have a wildlife pond. I also have one in my back garden . I'm making a HD video about my garden and pond this year and will upload it later in the season.

    1. Thanks David. You've probably forgotten but I did leave comments on your blog about your amazing pond. I commented on your video too, it was nicely put together and was a pleasure to watch.

  2. It's looking great, Ian. Ours has a lot of duckweed at the mo, which I need to hoick out. Several Broad Bodied Chasers have already eclosed out of if, seems a little early to me but perhaps due to the warm weather a couple of weeks back. CT :o)

    1. Thanks CT. It's only a small pond but it does bring so much pleasure.