Sunday, 10 May 2015

Blanket Weed Be Gone - 10/5/2015

The tadpoles had been doing a good job of eating the blanket weed but I was worried that it was starting to grow a little too quickly for my liking so yesterday evening I carefully removed the big clump that had been growing right on top of my Hairgrass plant.

To remove it I started by filling a bowl with some water from the pond and then I carefully used a small stick to wrap the blanket weed around.  Once it was wrapped around the stick I fished it out of the pond and put it straight into the bowl, breaking it down into smaller clumps so I could carefully check through it for any creatures that might have have been caught in it.

After checking the clumps I  placed them on the edging stones to give any creatures I'd missed a chance to return to the pond and I then emptied the bowl of water carefully back into the pond.

water mint

view from the right side of the garden

clear water

view from the left side of the garden