Saturday, 16 May 2015

Saturday in the Garden - 16/5/2015

Tadpoles grazing on the algae

Pond Project #2

Wildlife Pond Project #1

Leaves on the tree at last

Mealworms for the birds

Starling discovers the mealworms

Starling taking interest in me with my camera

Sunflower hearts,
a favourite with the birds

Peanut Feeder,
finally being used by the Tits

Pigeons foraging for food

No wonder this feeder
 is going down so quickly

Pigeon checking it's all clear
before having a drink from the pond

Post drink Pigeon

Pigeon has spotted our cat

Figgy saw off the Pigeons

As you can see,
Figgy isn't camera shy!

Figgy standing guard again

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