Monday, 3 August 2015

Toadtastic - 03/8/2015

I was in the garden earlier today having a look at my pond, the bug hotel and finally that little wildlife den I'd made a few weeks back when I noticed something move nearby.  As I moved in for a closer look I quickly realised it was a toad and so carefully picked it up and shouted in to my girls to get the camera.

We each spent a couple of minutes holding the toad,  I took a couple of photos and then I placed it carefully back down in the area I'd found it.  I'm assuming that this toad is from the tadpoles I had couple of years ago and it has now reached maturity.

Both my girls had never seen a toad before so holding it was a first for them both.  My youngest was slightly apprehensive holding it hence the slightly blurry second photo.