Sunday, 5 June 2016

Blooming - 5/06/2016

The Yellow Flag Irises have flowered
 and the pond plants are thriving.

The Winter Mint plant has
done very well this summer
and I've had to cut it back a bit
to stop it taking over completely.

The pond looks much more established now.

Frogs Galore - 5/06/2016

I spent today watching frogs in the pond.  Most of the tadpoles which hadn't developed last Summer have now started turning into froglets and therefore there have been lots of little froglets in and around the pond during the last few weeks.

Lots of places to hideaway
in Wildlife Pond #2,
look close and you start to see
them climbing up the plants:

A closer view:

I watched a few of them
swim across the pond:

I must have counted
around twenty in total.

The frog in the following photo
is the biggest visitor to my pond as of late
and I think he must be from the first batches
of tadpoles I had back in 2012 or 2013: