Saturday, 31 May 2014

Tadpoles - 31/5/2014

Some of the tadpoles have
started to develop their rear legs now.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wildlife Pond Showcase

What a great way to spend an evening.

This is Rob and Amy's pond 
in Rhode Island, USA.

Such a great pond that I couldn't
resist contacting them to get their
permission to showcase it on my blog.

You can see more of their
fantastic pond by visiting 
the following link:

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Newt Hideout - 18/5/2014

Now that I've actually seen Newts in Wildlife Pond #1 I am keen not to disturb them too much.  However I did want to have one more look to see if they were still around so slowly, quietly and carefully I had one final peek to see if I could spot the new residents.  Sometimes you can look and look and you still can't see the wood for the trees but eventually I spot a Newt in it's hideout.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

I have Newts - 17/5/2014

It's now become a daily ritual for me to spend a few minutes looking at both my little ponds each evening after work.  Upon each inspection I wonder what I'll find has arrived next, some Diving Beetles or Water Boatman perhaps. 

Anyway, having watched the frogs for a few minutes in Pond #2 I have a quick look at the Pond #1 and as I lean over to have a closer examination something  moves very quickly under the water.  It's too small to be a frog but immediately I recognize the shape, it's a Newt!  I can't tell you how excited I am as I sit patiently waiting to get another glimpse of.  After ten minutes of waiting I decide to leave and return after dark to see if I can see it with my torch.

As darkness falls I venture back into my back garden and as i shine the torch I'm greeted with the site of a little Newt sat on upon some weed.  Quickly I run back into the house to grab my camera and I'm able to snap some photos.

I didn't expect this in a million years!

As I move in closer with the camera I get yet another exciting surprise, there are two Newts!  In the next picture you can just make out the second Newt near the top.

Stickleback - 17/5/2014

Here are a couple of photos of the Stickleback 
which has appeared in Wildlife Pond #2.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Today's Photo - 16/5/2014

The Yellow Flag Iris flowered today.

Frogs Retreat - 16/5/2014

One of the places I regularly find 
frogs hiding is behind the scirpus cernuus plant. 

At first glance, it's not an obvious find,
but a closer inspection reveals 
a seemingly content frog.

What a great Frog Retreat!

Sometimes there is no need for a retreat,
another frog was quite happy sitting in amongst
some Hair Grass (Eleocharis acicularis):

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I've got a fish - 07/5/2014

A night time visit to my pond yesterday resulted in a  pleasant surprise. As my torch passed over the water something caught my eye.  It moved quite quick and at first I thought it may have been a newt but as it came back into view there was no mistaking it was a fish.  

Not exactly sure how it arrived, perhaps it was in with the tadpoles I recently rescued or maybe it came as an egg on one of the plants added not so long ago or could a visiting bird have brought it?

According to my Pond Life Guide book, with it's red belly and greenish blue eyes it's a male Stickleback.

I'm hoping that it doesn't eat the tadpoles and it doesn't get eaten by the frog.  

Do frogs eat fish?

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Pond Border Plants - 04/5/2014

Originally the plan was to have several Heathers growing in the pebble border around this pond. Sadly the Heathers died within weeks of planting so today we finally got round to adding some ornamental grasses and flowering plants instead. Hopefully these will become bushy over time and break up the border as was originally intended.

Armeria maritima

Digging a hole for the first flowering plant

Armeria maritima

Armeria maritima

Digging a hole for the second flowering plant

Carex comans
'Frosted Curls'

'Black Dragon'

'Black Dragon'

'Black Dragon'

Mentha aquatica
'Water Mint'

Mentha aquatica
'Water Mint'

The view across the pond

A pigeon watching over the work below

The finished result

Pond Project #1 - 04/5/2014

Friday, 2 May 2014

Enjoying the sun - 02/5/2014

It would appear the frog has decided to 
take up residence in the bigger pond.

After work this evening I had been looking 
at my pond for several minutes before I
noticed the frog catching the last hours of the sun.