Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Den of a Kind - 02/7/2015

I had a clean up behind the shed at the weekend and decided to make a kind of den for the hedgehogs or any other little mammals that may need shelter come Autumn and Winter.  I'm hoping that that something will move in over time.  It only took five minutes to put together but it's tucked away behind the shed and should stay for years to come.

old bricks and some cut grass

roof made with some
thick off cuts of timber

stacked up with more offcuts
of wood to hopefully attract insects


  1. I had thought of making a Hedgehog home behind the large patch of Bamboo we have as it stays quite dry there and we have a hole in the fence for them there too, just worried rats might live in it though, we do get the odd one because of the bird food...
    Amanda xx

    1. Funny enough I was thinking that it could attract the wrong sort of residents too and in particular mice and rats. I'm sure my cat will help keep those sort of inhabitants away though lol.

  2. That's great! Interesting question raised about the rats. I wouldn't think it'd be a problem as you don't hear reports of rats in hedgehog boxes and if ever there was one, I'm sure the Daily Fail would have reported some some of impending rat invasion and told everyone to burn there hedgehog homes, so we'd have heard about it!

    That said, I suppose they would live anywhere! We have brown rats in the garden (I don't mind them, they're nature too, part of the ecosystem like everything else) and they just scurrying along the hedgerows, pope out for a bit of fallen seed and then disappear again. I've never discovered them nesting anywhere. Don't they tunnel underground a bit too? Maybe I've made that up, but perhaps I've read it somewhere!

    You can but try. See what moves in and if you get a rat problem you can deal with it in future!

  3. whoops that was meant to read 'some story', not some some!

  4. Yes, I'm sure the hedgehogs would see off others once they'd started using their new home anyway.