Friday, 24 April 2015

Water clearing up - 24/4/2015

A couple of nice sunny days meant that the tadpoles had been very active and so my water is now starting to clear.

I must admit a few days back I was worried that they'd all been scoffed after seeing two newts active in the pond late at night and seeing next to no active tadpoles. However it looks like the tadpoles have been doing a good job of keeping out of sight of both them and me.

This evening when checking the pond, with the water much clearer I could see there was still plenty of tadpoles active. Hopefully a good few of them will develop into froglets before too long.

It's forecast to rain this evening so I've applied some Evergreen Complete Lawn Care to my grass before the heavens decide to open up.


  1. Glad you've found your taddies are still about, my fish ate all ours - I think I need two ponds



  2. Now that they are not all together and have moved out into all the crooks and crannies, they must get harder to spot.
    Amanda xx

    1. They were at first Amanda but with the water clearing and the sun beating down they're obvious to see now and in quite an abundance too.