Friday, 3 April 2015

Pond Activity - 03/4/2015

Having had proof that the frogspawn
is developing, I have to wait patiently
for the tadpoles to emerge.

I just hope and pray that 
the snails don't eat it all first.

I feel like getting rid of the snails, 
but that would be interfering with nature.

As you can see, they're
really getting to work on it.

I'm thinking of getting some new pond plants
 but I haven't decided what to get yet.

Whatever plants I do decide to get,
they'll definitely be native ones.

The pond water is murky at the moment.

The water will soon clear.

The black dragon plants we added
last year are doing okay and appear
to have grown a little.

The Armeria maritima
plants are doing well too.

The Yellow Flag Iris multiplied
 in the smaller wildlife pond.

Soon the Yellow Flags
will dwarf this little pond.


  1. Nice work Ian! I can see algae and that's a sign that the pond is healthy. That is a natural way to keep enough oxygen in the water. Are you planning to add fishes in the pond? I think that fishes can help you to maintain the right level of algae in the water.

    1. Thanks Daniels. No I don't have any plans for fish, I just wanted it to be a wildlife pond for frogs, newts and toads.