Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn Tidy Up - 27/10/2014

I used to worry about clearing out the elodea crispa but having now done it a few times I know it will grow back over time.  Today I spent the morning and afternoon having a clear up in the garden.  The leaves have started to fall and most weekends will now be spent clearing them out of the ponds.

As you can see above there was
quite a lot of elodea crispa.

Most of the leaves haven't fallen from the nearby trees yet
but already there were plenty of leaves to clear.

Figgy was quite content to watch me 
working from the comfort of his white chair.

The pond looked a little less cluttered once
I'd cleared out the leaves and elodea crispa:

Having acquired a few stones I give them a
really good clean and set about adding 
them to the edge of the pond.

There had been one particular area
of the pond I wasn't quite happy with
and used the stones to make some improvements.

Time will tell if I'm happy
with the new stone layout.

So far it looks much better than it was.

I used another stone to add a ledge for birds
to use when having a drink:

The water was a little murky after the 
clean up but it will clear up in a few days.

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