Saturday, 23 August 2014

Almost Autumn - 23/8/2014

Well it's almost Autumn and there isn't much going on in the ponds  now.  I had a clean up of elodea crispa which was beginning to run riot in Pond Project #2 but apart from that all I've been doing for the last few weeks is removing the odd fallen leaf.

I've not seen the stickleback and frogs for a while but to be honest I've been too tired of an evening to go out with my torch to look for them.  The birds are still visiting and they leave their tell tale signs of feathers and oil on the surface of the water.

The black dragon plants have survived the summer and are doing okay.  I'm hoping they'll get more bushy next year, time will tell I guess.

The frosted curls grass has survived too 
and gone a little more bushy now:

Pond Project #1 keeps losing water 
but I'm certain it's the Yellow Flag Iris 
plants which are drinking it all:

I've not seen much wildlife in the smaller
pond apart from mosquito larvae.

Pond Project #2 blends into 
the back garden rather well now:

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