Sunday, 25 January 2015

January Tidy Up - 25/1/2015

I haven't been near the ponds since October and I knew that today I'd be greated with a load of leaves in the water.  I wasn't wrong either, the pond water was dark, murky, smelly and festooned with fallen leaves.

Not sure much could survive in water like that.

The Stickleback I'd seen swimming last year 
certainly couldn't, I pulled out it's dead
carcus amongst the mass of stinking leaves.

The little wildlife pond looked in a right mess too:

The water had really 
stagnated in this little pond.

After a little bit of tender loving care
it soon looked clean and tidy again.


The water in the bigger pond
will a good few days to clear up.

At least the oxygenating plants 
can see the light again.

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