Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Still No Frogspawn - 12/04/2016

No signs of any frogs so far,
and the chances of frogspawn
now looking very slim. 

There's been more rain here and so
the lawn remains somewhat soggy.

However, the grass seed I put
down as now started to grow:

It looks like the birds
didn't eat it all after all!

The Bug Hotel still open for business:

The feeding stations on the
Acer tree are being well used:

In particular, I've lost count of how
many times I've had to refill the
Sunflower Hearts feeding station:

The Goldfinches are 
never away from it now.

On one occasion I counted
seven of them on the Acer tree. 

We added another station too:

This one is closer to the house
 and gives us an even better
view of the Goldfinches
from the kitchen window.

For the first time too,
we had Long Tailed Tits visit.

I think they were looking
for somewhere to nest.

All the rain we've had means
the ponds are well topped up.

I wonder if any frogs
are hiding in Frogitat:

The Monkey Bird Bath
looks more like a Bird Toilet!

The pond plants are doing okay:

Lots of new growth to be seen:

The Yellow Flag Iris have
started to grow again:

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