Friday, 25 March 2016

Sunshine at Last - 25/03/2016

Finally we had some sun today
and the puddles dried up.

The grass (whats left of it),
took a good hammering this winter.

All the rain has left the lawn
extremely waterlogged.

My Wife planted some new grasses
and hopefully by Summer they'll be bushy:

No frogspawn in the pond yet,
not sure I'll get any this year now.

There are still some tadpoles
 in the pond from last Summer.

They have now started
to grow their back legs.

Nothing to report from Pond Project #1:

The Bug Hotel is starting to look weathered:

I did spot odd one or two creepy crawlies
 moving around in it when I checked today.

I added some twigs to the top of
the bug hotel for the birds to use
when they start building their nests:

Spent the afternoon forking the lawn:

After what seemed like forever, 
when I'd finished grafting I
put down a load of grass seed.

We'll wait now
and see if new grass appears.


  1. The sun makes everything look so different

    1. It certainly does, shame we can't get more of it.