Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pond Project #2 - 26/6/2012

Daughter helping with some tweaking.

View of pond from garden.

View across the pond.

Water starting to clear.

View of pond.

Another view of pond.

View from the side.

Edging stones closeup.

View from the behind pond.

The shallow end.

Shallow end closeup.

Marginal Plant
(Juncus effusus)
Juncus effusus & Water Soldier.

Edging stone tweaking.

Edging stones after more minor tweaking.

Another edging stone photo!

View across the pond.

Edging stone closeup.

View across the pond.

View from the garden.

Sadly the planted Heathers are starting to die.

Wilted Heather!

View across the pond.

Watching me take photos.

Figgy seems to like the new pond.

Pond view with Tiltshift Effect.

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