Monday, 25 June 2012

Pond Project #2 - 24/6/2012

To keep the pond similar in look to
the smaller wildlife pond I'd recently built,
I gathered stone from the same place
that I'd originally sourced it from.

Hiding the liner rim.

Laying down the edging stones.

Looking better already.

In the photo above you can now
see that the water is starting to clear.

You can also see that I've 
added gravel into the pond too.

View from the side.

Close up view of edging stones.

Close up view of edging stones.

Looking a little less boring now.

More stone needed!

Progress so far.

Work had to stop for a few hours until
we had been for another batch of stones.

My Daughter cleaning up the next batch of stone.

Doing a great job with the cleaning!

Getting stuck in!

Only a few more to clean.

Helping to place the stone.

Nearly finished.

Much happier with the appearance now.

Starting to look how I had envisaged it.

Adding the another level of edging stone.

Team work.

"Dad, place this one like that"

View from the Garden.

View from the border.

View from the edging stone.

Stone of various shape, size and colour.

View across the pond.

Another view across the pond.

View from the garden.

View from the garden prior 
to bird table being removed.

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