Sunday, 26 February 2017

Frisky Frogs - 26/02/2017

As I sat and looked out the kitchen window yesterday on yet another wet miserable day I wondered if I'd get frogspawn again this year and if so, whether it would come earlier due to the milder winter weather.

This afternoon after dinner, having washed the dishes I decided to brave the wind and rain to put the bins out and top up of the bird feeders with sunflower hearts seeing how the Goldfinches had polished it all off yesterday.

After topping up the feeders I thought I'd have a quick look in on the pond and that's when I noticed something under the water. At first I thought it was a dead frog but when I looked closer I realised that there were in fact two frogs and they weren't dead but were hard at work.

I raced back into the house, grabbed my camera and was able to take a few quick shots for my blog. 

It looks like I might be
getting frogspawn again after all.

Fingers crossed it
stays mild until Spring.


  1. Enjoyed reading this page. You are doing the local amphibian population a whole lot of good with your pond it seems. :)