Saturday, 12 September 2015

Autumn Fast Approaching - 12/9/2015

It's hard to believe that 
Autumn is nearly upon us, 
where did the Summer go?

I know I spent June taking part 
in the 30 Days Wild Challenge,
but as for July and August
those months just seem to come and go.

I can't remember what I got up to
during those months but I do know
that I hardly spent anytime on
my home computer blogging. 

Here's a quick update 
on what's been happening:

Nearly all the tadpoles have developed into froglets and I've enjoyed spending many an evening watching them hopping around the garden or being chased by my cat!  I'm impressed just how many garden nooks and crannies have a resident froglet now.

They vary in size but it does look like alot made it out safely which is good news, although my Dad does warn me that sooner or later I'll be swamped with them!

I only have to sit near the pond for a few
seconds before I see movement in the grass.

The Water Mint in the
 Wildlife Pond Project #2
did well this year and flowered
for  the first time:

I've seen plenty of movement in the Bug Hotel
and insects do seem to be coming and going.

Recently I noticed a hole had been seeled over
in one of the wooden blocks I'd put in the hotel.

Not sure what has moved in
but I'm sure it'll stay until next Spring now.

The little wildlife pond seems to be attracting the more mature frogs and I think that might be due to the mosquito larvae that seems to be abundant in it most of the time.

I like to top this pond up with water regularly as without the top ups it tends to dry up thanks to the rather thirsty Irises.

Speaking of frogs, whilst taking some photos of the little pond, this handsome little chap decided he wanted his photo taken.

He's not one of the usual resident frogs as he's much smaller and I'm guessing he's one of the first frogs that developed from the spawn this year.

I was able to get a close up too:

It won't be long now before the leaves
begin falling and I will be forever
picking them out of the pond.

It's been a good year so far in the garden
and what great wildlife I've had.

I've had hedgehogs, newts, frogs,
tadpoles and for the first time goldfinches too.


  1. Good to see you back and even better to see all the frogs.

  2. Well done Ian- a super year in your garden.

  3. Here's to the next great year of garden wildlife! I like the pebble bugs around the pond!

    1. Thanks Louise. You could perhaps do Pebble Bugs as an activity with your would-be-rangers.

  4. Great hearing how your garden is doing and love the young frog photos! :-)