Thursday, 18 June 2015

Naughty Cat - 18/6/2015

A couple of days ago I'd not long got home from work when we noticed our cat outside the patio door with a present for us.  My girls told me he had a Bat but upon closer inspection he had helped himself to a chick from the trees in the garden behind our house.

I love cats but I'm always saddened when he brings things home, even worse when they're still alive.  This chick was still very much alive and I didn't know what to do.  I had a quick look on the RSPB website to see what advice they offered but they recommended placing it back in the nest if possible. There was no way I could return it to the nest and I felt totally helpless.  

All I could do was put it somewhere quiet at the back of the garden and leave it in the hands of mother nature.  My youngest daughter didn't want to let it go at first and had wrapped it up in kitchen roll to keep it warm.  I agreed to let her hold it for a while before we finally but it down near the back wall and said our goodbyes.


  1. It's hard sometimes to let things go especially when they are so young and helpless.
    Amanda xx

  2. Looks like a young blue or great tit

  3. Sans retrouver le nid, je l'aurai gardé et nourri, mais cela demande beaucoup de temps de libre !
    Quel dommage

  4. OH that's always sad to get such babies still alive after the hunt ! I hate that ! Mine did worse : she ate three whole babies birds .. I know it because then she vomited them in the garden !!!