Saturday, 17 May 2014

I have Newts - 17/5/2014

It's now become a daily ritual for me to spend a few minutes looking at both my little ponds each evening after work.  Upon each inspection I wonder what I'll find has arrived next, some Diving Beetles or Water Boatman perhaps. 

Anyway, having watched the frogs for a few minutes in Pond #2 I have a quick look at the Pond #1 and as I lean over to have a closer examination something  moves very quickly under the water.  It's too small to be a frog but immediately I recognize the shape, it's a Newt!  I can't tell you how excited I am as I sit patiently waiting to get another glimpse of.  After ten minutes of waiting I decide to leave and return after dark to see if I can see it with my torch.

As darkness falls I venture back into my back garden and as i shine the torch I'm greeted with the site of a little Newt sat on upon some weed.  Quickly I run back into the house to grab my camera and I'm able to snap some photos.

I didn't expect this in a million years!

As I move in closer with the camera I get yet another exciting surprise, there are two Newts!  In the next picture you can just make out the second Newt near the top.

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