Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pond Project #2 - 21/7/2013

I spent yesterday evening and this morning
removing a good bit of the elodea crispa 
which seems to have taken over the pond.

Removing it seemed a drastic move
 but one that I felt necessary 
to help keep the pond healthy.

As usual, anything removed from the pond
is left on the side to allow any creatures
a chance to crawl back into the pond.

I removed a fair amount of the duck weed too
but left some to provide cover the frogs
which have been visiting during the evening.

The toad tadpoles seem to be taking
ages to develop and I'm keeping my
fingers crossed they do so soon.

It looked a bit bare after the clean up
but the elodea crispa will soon regrow again.

It looks like I've lost the water
spearmint plant thanks to the slugs.

Our cat seems to like the pond, 
especially the taste of the water.
I only hope he doesn't take a fancy to the frogs.

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