Sunday, 16 June 2013

Night Creatures - 16/6/2013

It's always interesting to see
what is going during the evening
in and around my wildlife ponds.

So tonight I decided to take the camera 
out along with my headtorch to see
what I could find crawling about in the dark.
I soon discovered the culprits
who have been munching on my pond plants.


It was so tempting to remove the snails which
take delight in eating my plants but it would
defeat the whole idea of having a wildlife pond.

Yummy leaves?

"Okay, I'm ready for my close up"

I also found out what had enjoyed 
eating my Water Spearmint plants too.
I belive it is a garden slug of the orange variety!

Slug enjoying a Water Spearmint plant.

I've spotted several spiders living around 
both my wildlife ponds but the one below one 
was on the back wall close by a berberis bush.

Lace Webbed Spider
(Amaurobius similis)

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