Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pond Project #1 - Beginning

I was in the Library with my girls and one of them had picked up a childrens book about Wildlife and handed it to me to read with them. Inside the book I came across something which really appealed to me, a section titled 'Make your own Wildlife Pond'.  

It was a project to make a Wildlife Pond from a plastic storage box to attract wildlife to your garden. Reading through the pages I became keen to have a go at this myself as I've always been into nature and dreamed of one day having my own Wildlife Pond.

The first task was to find a plastic storage box similar to that in the book, so I paid a visit to the shops until I found something like these:

The book didn't really specify an
exact size so at the end of the day
it's down to your personal preference.

I opted for a box similar to the 
above and the dig began.

I chose a site at the back of
the garden next to the shed
where it wouldn't be disturbed. 

After digging out the hole
I lined the bottom with some sand.

Next I placed the box into the hole before
carefully filling around the sides with soil.

Finally I filled it up with tap water.

After leaving the water a few days
to let any chlorine evaporate,
I added some pond plants.

These were as follows:

Some bunches of  Elodea Crispa,
an Iris, some Starwort and a Scirpus Cernuus.

To complete the look
I added some natural rocks around it.

Just behind the pond I buried a tub
with some holes in it and added a bog plant.

If you look carefully in the photo above
you can just make out the bog plant.

View from the side.

View from the front

Close up view

Close up view

Close up view looking towards bog plant

View from the right front

View from the right front 

View from the garden

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